Sponsorship Opportunities

We invite you to become a sponsor of TMG 2019 and enjoy the maximum exposure both before and during the conference. 


Names and logos of Gold and Silver sponsors will appear on most prominent places of venues and website, gold and silver sponsors get free unlimited passes to the event. 

Names and logos of other sponsors appear on website and event locations, all sponsors are acknowledged during the whole event. 


TMG Gold Sponsor – Euro 15,000

TMG event will carry the name of the gold sponsor. The company will be acknowledged as the Gold Sponsor in media, press-release, in all written and other communication before and during the event. Free passes will be available for the delegates of the gold sponsor.


TMG Silver Sponsor – Euro 10,000

The sponsor will be acknowledged as the silver sponsor, the company’s logo will appear on all printed material before and during the event. The sponsor will be recognized in media and all written and oral communication of TMG. Free passes are included in the package.


Pre-event Cocktail Reception - Euro 2,000

We invite you to become the host of pre-event reception held before the official opening of TMG 2019, in Sky-Bar of Radisson BLU Hotel. The evening before the conference starts, all delegates are invited to the cocktail reception named after your company. You will be acknowledged as the host of the reception in all printed and electronic communications. Your logo will be placed in prominent places of the event.


Registration Table Sponsorship – Euro 1,000

The table of registration will be placed in prominent area of the hall and will carry the name of the sponsor company.


Delegate badge and lanyard sponsorship - 1,500 Euro

The badge & lanyard sponsorship provides highly-visible level of exposure during the entire conference. Attendees will be wearing your company's name for two days which will act as a walking advertisement for your company throughout entire event. 


Bilateral table & event agenda sponsorship – 1,500 Euro

This sponsorship option also provides highly-visible level of exposure. Printed agenda, acknowledging your company as the sponsor, will be provided to all delegates of the event. Bilateral table available for all registered companies will feature your company name in most prominent way. 


Coffee break & lunch sponsorship – 2,000 Euro

Delegate registration, starting from 9 AM will be accompanied by morning coffee & cookies. Lunch featuring a mixture of Georgian and European fine cuisine will be served to TMG delegates from 13:00 in Fillini Italian restaurant, located on the second floor of the hotel. The logo of the sponsor will be placed in visible areas of the lunch and coffee break. 


Evening Reception Sponsorship – 2,500 Euro

After the first-day meetings all delegates will be invited to the evening reception featuring snacks, drinks, music and more. Name of the sponsor company, as of the event's host, will be included in the party title. Name and logo will be featured in printed and electronic invitations and in all printed and electronic communication of TMG. The logo will be placed in prominent places of the party's venue.


Transportation Sponsorship – 700 Euro

Busses will be used to transfer the delegates from Tbilisi to the socializing venue and back. Flyers and other printed material containing information about your company will be placed in seat pockets of the bus, also on the front of the transport.


Socializing Day Sponsorship – from 3,000 Euro

As our traditional format the second day of TMG will be held in informal environment outside the city and will feature wine tasting, dinner, outdoor activities and more. Our previous events’ delegates have loved the socializing event very much so it continues to be TMG’s one of the favorite parts. Depending on what will be included in the program, the package starts from 3,000 Euro. The socializing day will bear the name of the sponsor, supporter will be acknowledged in many creative ways.


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