Sponsorship Opportunities

We welcome all interested parties to become a sponsor of one or more events of TMG 2016. This is a great opportunity to gain exposure to about 100 delegates from Europe and CIS countries including Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan...

Name and logo of all sponsors will appear on TMG 2016 banner on-site and will be shown on homepage and on sponsors page of our website.  Names and logos of supporter companies will be acknowledged in all electronic and printed communication of TMG. Additional sponsorship benefits are listed below.

Please note that apart of the offered sponsorship packages we can create tailored solutions according to your requirements, goals and budget. Please contact for options.


Available sponsorship packages include:


1.Pre-event Cocktail Reception - Euro 2,000

We invite you to become a host of pre-event reception held before the official opening of TMG 2016, in Sky-Bar of Radisson BLU Hotel. The evening before the conference starts, all delegates are invited to the cocktail reception named after your company. You will be acknowledged as the host of the reception in all printed and electronic communications. Your logo will be placed in prominent places of the event.


2.Delegate badge and lanyard sponsorship - 1,000 Euro (sold out)

The badge & lanyard sponsorship provides highly-visible level of exposure during the entire conference. Attendees will be wearing your company's name for two days which will act as a walking advertisement for your company throughout entire event. 


3. Bilateral table & event agenda sponsorship – 1,500 Euro (sold out)

This sponsorship option also provides highly-visible level of exposure. Printed agenda, acknowledging your company as the sponsor, will be provided to all delegates of the event. Bilateral table available for all registered companies will feature your company name in most prominent way. 


4.Welcome Coffee sponsorship – 1,000 Euro 

Delegate registration, starting from 9 AM will be accompanied by morning coffee & cookies. The logo (and banner) of the sponsor will be placed in visible areas of the venue. The sponsor will be named in printed as well as in electronic agenda, next to the "welcome coffee and registration".


5. Lunch sponsorship – 2,000 Euro  

From 13:00 to 14:00 the delegates will be served lunch feautirung italian and georgian delicacies with selection of fine wines. The lunch is served in Filini restaurant, on the second floor of the hotel. The sponsor banner will be placed in visible areas of the venue and on the signage, flyers can be placed on the table of the restaurant. Placing of other promotional material is also possible, subject to negotiation. 


6.After-party sponsorship – from Euro 10,000

Our traditional, theme after-party will be held on the first day of TMG 2016, October 26. Name of the sponsor company, as of the event's host, will be included in the party title. Name and logo will be featured in printed and electronic invitations and in all printed and electronic communication of TMG 2016. The logo will be placed in prominent places of the party's venue. This will be one of the most memorable parts of TMG 2016. 


7.Transportation sponsorship – Euro 1,000

This is one of the best ways to introduce your company to the delegates of TMG and let them know as much as possible about you. Flyers and other printed material containing information about your company will be placed in seat pockets of the bus for two days – during transportation to the after-party’s venue and on the second day, while driving to the venue of our socializing event. Your logo and name will also appear on our website and printed agenda of TMG 2016.


8.Socializing dinner sponsorship – Euro 3,000

Our socializing day, traditionally, is closed by dinner, where guests savour specialties of Georgian cuisine and exclusive sorts of wine. As a sponsor, your company will be recognized throughout the dinner and your logo will be featured in all our print and electronic communication. The company banner will be placed on-site.  Opportunity to place promotional take-away pieces inside the venue is available. 


For individual sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sophie Amiranashvili at